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Sports picks made simple, accessible, and rewarding. With Fliff, making picks is just the start of the fun and winning is about more than just the prize.

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Sports picks made social

Rewards, badges, and more social treasures to celebrate your success. Because winning is more fun when you can show off your achievements.

More ways to earn rewards

Earn rewards when you play, and cash when you win. No gimmicks, just constant rewards at your own pace.

The thrill without the risk

Sportsbooks are fun but losing isn’t. Fliff gives you coins and cash so you can play without having to risk your own money.

Free to Play

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY – Fliff is always free to play! Fliff is available nationwide and our sweepstakes is open to residents of 42 states. Fliff Cash can be claimed daily by all of our eligible users.

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Fliff Cash can be claimed in a variety of ways. Collect more Fliff Cash when you claim or purchase coins, win one of our social media giveaways, or complete a mail-in request.