Sportsbooks resemble financial institutions that exist only to process and settle bets.

We’ve built a new way to play, for sports fans not just bettors.

Fliff is sports betting reimagined as an interactive game.

Deeper engagement for all levels of sports fans

Daily promotions and loyalty rewards

Compete with or against your friends

A simpler, play-for-fun sports prediction game

Sweat the game, not the losses.

We’ve unpacked sports betting into play-for-fun gaming. Fliff is sports predictions built on social competition with promotional games and loyalty rewards to elevate the experience. A slam dunk for sports fans everywhere!

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Who are we?

Fliff is a diverse, multinational team, backed by leading investors and founders in sports tech and gaming.

We are a remote working company with operations based in Philadelphia, USA, and development in Sofia, Bulgaria.



Sports betting is entertainment that should be synonymous with fun and not financial loss. We’ve challenged ourselves to chart a new path for predicting sports as an immersive, fun and social experience.


We are here to work with, not compete against our users and partners. Providing a reliable and transparent service with a deep understanding of their goals and desires is of the utmost importance.


We believe it is possible to create a game in which everyone can win. Our rewards create a flywheel that is a win-win-win for our users, advertisers, and our team.